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Trying on period clothing (rendering).



Climbing into the eagle’s nest (rendering).



Learning about Jekyll’s aquatic environment (rendering).


Mosaic Museum Exhibits 


By Bruce Piatek, JIA Director of Historic Resources

The Mosaic is moving forward in dramatic fashion. The restoration and adaptive reuse of the Stable building is progressing nicely. The new metal roof was installed which replicates the metal roof that was on the building in the late Club Era. Demolition is complete and the interior is being completed with new and improved building systems and interior space design. The building will be a fully functional and enjoyable space for our guests with climate control, new restrooms, added space for programs, and a completely new exhibit gallery. 

The new exhibits will incorporate an entirely new approach that addresses both the entire history of Jekyll Island, from Native Americans to State Era, as well as the natural history of the island. The Mosaic will be the place to begin learning the comprehensive and intertwined full story of Jekyll Island. The gallery will be organized so that guests encounter the State Era and then travel back in time to Jekyll Island first inhabitants who were here over 4500 year ago.

We are providing fun and interactive experiences that will make the discovery of Jekyll Island’s natural and cultural history both fun and informative. Guests will hear from people telling Jekyll’s stories from the state era to the plantation era via oral histories and recorded narratives. The exhibits emphasize both artifacts and replica items from each historic period, but also experiences and activities. A few examples include driving over the causeway on opening day, riding a red bug on the beach and around the island, putting on virtual Club Era clothing, being the architect of your own historic cottage, climbing into an eagles nest, and looking underwater to learn about Jekyll’s aquatic environments.  

The “Tack Room” is our new indoor classroom where we will offer groups of 60 or less a place to learn and  explore historic and environmental topics in more depth, and for group presentations and gatherings.  

The Mosaic is a total and exciting remake of the historic stables building and will be an important asset of Jekyll Island for years to come. The final - and most important point - is that the Mosaic was made possible by the generous support of the Jekyll Island Foundation, its members and supporters. Thank you for making the Mosaic possible.

Thank you for your past support and please help us continue the work of making the project a major success and new must-see experience on Jekyll Island. For learn more, click here.

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