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When you visit Jekyll Island, it’s almost impossible NOT to take great pictures. You probably have a few on your smart phone of yourself with Jekyll’s pristine beauty or historic buildings in the background. If this is indeed the case, why not share? Post them to facebook and instagram using #JekyllIslandFoundation. Chances are you’ll see them here, and help us make even more friends!


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Jekyll Island Foundation

January 15 • 9:46 PM

#MondayMotivation -- What are your favorite memories to collect on Jekyll Island?

Jekyll Island Foundation

January 13 • 1:49 PM

With the 2017 nesting season behind us, Jekyll Island’s Wilson’s Plovers have migrated away from our beautiful beaches. We send with them our hope that they will return next year in late spring to nest again. See our Wilson’s Plover End of Season Report 2017:

Jekyll Island Foundation

January 11 • 9:12 PM

#ThrowbackThursday -- Typical of the early club cottages, Moss Cottage's rustic appearance is a reflection of the casual lifestyle of the original club members, who sought to escape from the pressures of the city to hunt, fish, and enjoy the natural beauty of the coastal environment.

Jekyll Island Foundation

January 9 • 10:54 PM

Enjoy wildlife demonstrations at the Jekyll Island Foundation stage at Whiskey Wine & Wildlife's W3 Event! Grab your tickets now:

Jekyll Island Foundation

January 7 • 2:12 PM

A trip to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center is the perfect activity for a chilly day on Jekyll Island!

Jekyll Island Foundation

January 5 • 10:47 PM

Have you visited the Guest Information Center Wildlife Viewing Platform? One of Jekyll Island Foundation's projects that provides scenic views of the salt marsh and its wildlife.

Jekyll Island Foundation

January 4 • 6:51 PM

Plant a live oak on Jekyll Island as a tribute gift. It'll be a living gift that grows for many generations. Learn more:

Jekyll Island Foundation

January 3 • 11:45 PM

We appreciate your support for the conservation and preservation of Jekyll Island!

Jekyll Island Foundation

January 1 • 5:40 PM

The Jekyll Island Foundation wishes you a happy and healthy New Year! Is it in your resolutions to visit Jekyll Island more?

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 30 • 10:22 PM

Are you planning on joining us for this year's Whiskey Wine & Wildlife? Don't miss this chance to win tickets!

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 28 • 9:05 PM

Show your love for Jekyll Island and become a member before the end of the year. Learn more about becoming a JIF member: [Photo credit: Katrina Flagg #LOVEJekyllIsland because "My family and I love Jekyll Island because every visit feels like coming home. We enjoy every part of Jekyll, from the miles of bike trails to the beautiful, peaceful beach. There is no where we would rather be!"]

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 26 • 8:31 PM

The Jekyll Island Foundation is managed by an independent board of up to 25 individuals representing diverse interests and communities from across the state and beyond. Learn more about our leaders:

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 24 • 9:36 PM

#DidYouKnow - Faith Chapel will hold a Christmas Service at 9am on Christmas Day. We’ll see you there!

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 22 • 1:09 PM

A living gift that grows for many generations.

Plant A Like Oak

Tribute gifts are tax deductible.

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 20 • 1:18 PM

We're ramping up for the 3rd Annual Whiskey Wine & Wildlife! What are you most excited about during this year's event?

Whiskey, Wine & Wildlife 2018

W3 Jekyll returns to Jekyll Island Feb 8-11.

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 18 • 8:03 PM

"Nature is pleased with simplicity." - Issac Newton

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 16 • 1:04 PM

Tribute gifts are a great way to show someone you care this holiday season. Learn more about our memorial benches: [Tribute gifts are tax deductible. Purchase before December 31.]

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 14 • 10:41 PM

#ThrowbackThursday -- Jekyll Island has been a golfers oasis for decades. Which Jekyll Island course if your favorite?

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 12 • 11:44 PM

Preserve the island you love! Becoming a member of the Jekyll Island Foundation helps conserve, preserve, and educate for future generations. Learn more: [Photo Credit: Rachel R Rodriguez. Rachel says, "I #LOVEjekyllisland because I have been coming there for almost 30 years. I now bring my family to enjoy it every summer! I love the smell, the sights, and the sense of peace I feel on this island. It is my second home!"]

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 10 • 11:12 PM

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 8 • 11:05 PM

#DidYouKnow -- Jekyll Island is run by the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA), whose duties include overall management and stewardship of Jekyll Island State Park. The JIA receives no public operating funds. Revenue is generated from leases, fees, and amenity operations. For this reason, the Jekyll Island Foundation (JIF) was created in 1999 to raise money for projects beyond the JIA's financial capabilities. Learn more:

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 6 • 1:35 PM

By becoming a member of the Jekyll Island Foundation, you will receive member decals for your car, annual parking passes, gift shop discounts and more to enjoy the island you love. The higher the membership level, the more you help, and the more you receive. Become a member today: [Photo Credit: Skyler Callender-Dorman. He says he is "Blessed to live only 30 minutes away down 95! Anytime our family needs a getaway, we turn to Jekyll Island. It is our little piece of heaven! #LOVEJekyllIsland"]

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 5 • 10:06 PM

Preserve what you LOVE about Jekyll Island. This holiday season, give the gift of Jekyll Island with memberships starting at $35. Join today:

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 4 • 10:34 PM

Horton Pond provides space for people to enjoy nature, to improve habitat value for wildlife, and to increase educational opportunities.

Jekyll Island Foundation

December 2 • 10:13 PM

Seclusion and tranquility. #jekyllisland

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