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When you visit Jekyll Island, it’s almost impossible NOT to take great pictures. You probably have a few on your smart phone of yourself with Jekyll’s pristine beauty or historic buildings in the background. If this is indeed the case, why not share? Post them to facebook and instagram using #JekyllIslandFoundation. Chances are you’ll see them here, and help us make even more friends!


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Our heartfelt gratitude to all those who make the work we do possible through your generous donations. We thank you!

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Jekyll Island Foundation

July 18 • 3:46 PM

So far this season, 78.6% of the Terrapins encountered on the Jekyll Island Causeway have been alive and moved. Thank you for your continued alertness on your way to and from Jekyll Island!

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 16 • 10:15 PM

Are you shopping on for #PrimeDay? Shop from, select the Jekyll Island Foundation and a portion of your purchase will be donated to help us continue to preserve and conserve Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 16 • 12:47 PM

#MotivationMonday -- “Nature always wears the color of the spirit” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 14 • 11:49 AM

Your contribution makes a difference. Become a member of the Jekyll Island Foundation today: [Photo Credit: Amanda Edlin Cramblit. She says, "We love the tranquility you feel the moment you drive into Jekyll. All your stress melts away!! My fav place"]

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 12 • 11:43 PM

#ThrowbackThursday -- Tale as old as time, kids love the beach! What is your favorite beach on Jekyll Island?

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 10 • 12:01 PM

#DidYouKnow -- The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a working hospital dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured sea turtles.

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 9 • 11:29 PM

#DidYouKnow -- There has been over $3.3 million dollars donated to help fund the Jekyll Island Museum Preservation Project. The MOSAiC Project will transform the current Jekyll Island Museum into a state-of-the-art edutainment facility.

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 6 • 10:48 PM

Take in the nature and experience the history. That is the beauty of Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 4 • 10:03 PM

When driving marshside roadways, be on the lookout for crossing turtles!

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 4 • 3:45 PM

Wishing you all a Happy #4thOfJuly! 🇺🇸 Did you catch the firework show on Jekyll Island last night? 🎆

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 2 • 12:46 PM

#MotivationMonday -- “I believe the world is in-comprehensively beautiful, an endless prospect of magic and wonder” - Ansel Adams

Jekyll Island Foundation

July 1 • 8:59 PM

Looking for a perfect family activity on Jekyll Island? Visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center during your trip!

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 28 • 11:26 PM

#ThrowbackThursday – Have you visited the Jekyll Island Club Hotel? The Club officially opened its doors in January 1888, quickly becoming a retreat for families that represented one sixth of the world's wealth.

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 26 • 11:08 PM

Here are the updated totals for the Diamondback Terrapin season so far!

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 25 • 1:03 AM

Give a gift that lasts for generations.

Jekyll Island Foundation

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 22 • 7:52 PM

Jekyll Island is waiting for you.

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 21 • 2:05 PM

As always please make sure it is safe for you to help a terrapin off the road!

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 18 • 12:45 PM

#MotivationMonday -- “Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished” -Lao Tzu

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 17 • 12:10 PM

#HappyFathersDay to all of the Jekyll Island loving dads! Do you have a favorite memory with your dad on Jekyll?

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 16 • 12:09 PM

Do you want to be a part of the conservation and preservation efforts on Jekyll Island? You can become a member of the Jekyll Island Foundation for as little as $35! Learn more about becoming a member:

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 14 • 6:53 PM

#ThrowbackThursday – Riding bikes on Jekyll Island never gets old.

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 12 • 7:10 PM

We have already surpassed our 2017 total of terrapins encountered on the Jekyll Island Causeway! Keep an eye out during your drives over the causeway.

Visited here back in early 1980's. Fell in love with this place. Have not had the opportunity to re-visit. But;do so in my memories.


Jekyll Island Foundation

June 10 • 12:25 PM

#DidYouKnow -- The Trolley Tours and Museum Gift Shop have been relocated to the Infirmary (previously the bookstore) during the renovation of the museum.

Jekyll Island Museum

Know before you go!

Jekyll Island Foundation

June 8 • 11:03 PM

Your contribution makes a difference! Become a member of the Jekyll Island Foundation today:

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