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When you visit Jekyll Island, it’s almost impossible NOT to take great pictures. You probably have a few on your smart phone of yourself with Jekyll’s pristine beauty or historic buildings in the background. If this is indeed the case, why not share? Post them to facebook and instagram using #JekyllIslandFoundation. Chances are you’ll see them here, and help us make even more friends!


Dion Davis
Executive Director

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Our heartfelt gratitude to all those who make the work we do possible through your generous donations. We thank you!

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Jekyll Island Foundation

May 21 • 12:35 PM

#MotivationMonday -- “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” - William Shakespeare

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 20 • 9:01 PM

Jekyll Island Foundation makes it easy to honor a loved one, celebrate life’s special moments, or simply embody your lasting adoration for Jekyll Island.

Ways To Give

Your contribution makes a difference.

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 17 • 12:34 PM

#ThrowbackThursday – The loggerhead sea turtles have been coming back to our beaches for years. There must be something good right? Come see for yourself!

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 15 • 9:21 PM

Remember to slow down and pay attention on the causeway, it could save a turtles life!

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 13 • 9:30 PM

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Jekyll Island loving moms!

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 11 • 12:11 PM

A leatherback turtle shimmied onto the beach on Cumberland Island and laid her eggs, with hopes for a successful hatching earlier this week.

Sea Turtle Nesting Underway

The Georgia sea turtle nesting season has officially kicked off.

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 9 • 6:44 PM

Our Diamondback Terrapin ladies have started crossing the causeway. Please look out for these fertile turtles on the go and remember ONLY STOP and help if it is SAFE for you to do so.

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 7 • 11:34 PM

#MotivationMonday -- “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep rolling under the stars” - Jack Kerouac

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 5 • 10:56 PM

By becoming a member of the Jekyll Island Foundation, you will receive member decals for your car, annual parking passes, gift shop discounts and more to enjoy the island you love. The higher the membership level, the more you help, and the more you receive. Become a member today:

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 3 • 12:32 PM

#ThrowbackThursday – Beach activities have come a long way… well, maybe not so much but they’re just as fun! What is your favorite activity to do at the beach?

Jekyll Island Foundation

May 1 • 10:16 PM

Horton Pond provides space for people to enjoy nature, to improve habitat value for wildlife, and to increase educational opportunities.

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 30 • 8:08 PM

#DidYouKnow -- Your registration for the Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl Weekend includes a donation to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center!

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 27 • 8:15 PM

A beautiful weekend awaits on Jekyll Island!

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 25 • 9:48 PM

Consider giving back to Jekyll Island so we can continue our mission to conserve, preserve, and educate for future generations. See the benefits, and become a member today: [Photo: Karen Eller #LOVEJekyllIsland]

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 23 • 12:24 PM

#MotivationMonday -- “In all things of nature, there is something of marvelous.” - Aristotle

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 21 • 12:03 PM

#DidYouKnow -- Male diamondback terrapins rarely leave their aquatic environment, but female terrapins come out of the marsh from late April through July to lay their eggs. Terrapins often cross the road on the causeway in search of a preferred nesting habitat and are prone to be hit by automobiles.

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 19 • 9:16 PM

#ThrowbackThursday -- Swim season is just around the corner on Jekyll Island!

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 17 • 10:19 PM

Conserve. Preserve. Educate.

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 15 • 10:40 PM

Together, we can preserve Jekyll Island for generations. Give now:

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 13 • 9:45 PM

Helping create the Jekyll Island we know and love.

Jekyll Island Foundation | Leadership

The Jekyll Island Foundation is led by a Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Advisory Board and Executive Director.

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 11 • 10:03 PM

You can adopt a memorial tree on Jekyll Island as a gift of tribute or remembrance.

Adopt-A-Tree On Jekyll Island

Three options to choose from!

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 10 • 10:34 PM

The Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl Weekend returns May 11-13! Will you be joining us?

Turtle Crawl Weekend

These races offer something for every athlete at every skill level, combined with Turtle Crawl Festival for a unique island getaway.

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 7 • 9:03 PM

Another day in paradise.

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 5 • 9:08 PM

#ThrowbackThursday -- It's a special week for golf in the state of Georgia. So in honor of #TheMasters, we're throwing back to the beginning of the beloved tradition on Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island Foundation

April 3 • 7:23 PM

Are you Spring Breaking on Jekyll Island? Don't forget to stop by Horton Pond and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for even more adventures during your visit!

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