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Jekyll Island MOSAiC

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A new Jekyll Island amenity from which people begin their own journey of discovery, exploring, and experiencing all the attractions, activities, and legendary sunrises and sunsets Jekyll has to offer.  To view Recognition Opportunities, click here.  

Horton House to Horton Pond

$35,000 Fund

The Horton House historic site and Horton Pond natural area sit approximately .6 miles apart - across the island's central maritime forest - and are currently connected by an umimproved and mostly unmaintained service road.  

The proposed route, a historic road dating back presumably to the period when the Horton House was an occupied plantation, will physically connect two of Jekyll's historical and natural points of interest. 

Hollybourne Cottage Lintel Repair

$14,000 Fund

Throughout the years, Hollybourne Cottage lintels (support structures) over the door and window openings have rusted, expanded, and then cracked the tabby walls, causing the exterior walls to become structurally unstable.  

Your gift will assist in the repair and preservation of one of the nationally significant cottages in the National Historic Landmark District and will insure that safety risks are addressed and corrected.  

Diamondback Terrapin Conservation

$50,000 Fund

The diamondback terrapin is a species of turtle that lives in the marshes surrounding Jekyll Island.  This unique species has long been a part of the natural and cultural history of the region, but is now threatened by human activities in the marsh.  Each summer, dozens of female terrapins are hit by vehicles on the Jekyll Island Causeway as they cross the road in search of good nesting habitat.  Most of these injured turtles do not survive, and if this high road mortality continues, the local terrapin population may decline to a dangerously low size.  

The GSTC and its conservation partners utilize many strategies to help protect Jekyll terrapins. 

Georgia Sea Turtle Center Exhibitry Upgrades

$10,000 Fund

Many of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center's exhibits have been in place since the Center opened its doors in 2007.  Upgrades are sorely needed both to reinvigorate and highlight new findings about sea turtle biology, their threats, and what is needed to ensure the protection of distinct life stages of species.  

Phase 1 of the new exhibit "Discovery Nook" is complete.

Phase 2 calls for upgrades to existing exhibits that include new panels, materials, and messaging associated with the Treatment Room Window Exhibit, Nesting Habitat Exhibit, and Hospital Patient Descriptions. 

Georgia Sea Turtle Center X-ray Machine

$55,000 Fund

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center receives hundreds of injured and ill wildlife patients each year, presenting a wide range of problems, including hit by boat, hit by car, fishing line and hook injuries, starvation, buoyancy issues, and many more.  

One of the most important diagnostic tools is radiology or X-ray.  Unfortunately, the current machine is outdated, does not provide the detail needed, and lacks the software capabilities to store files during storm events and power outages.  

The Jekyll Island Foundation is seeking partners to assist in the purchase of a state-of-the-art, digital X-ray by Vet Rocket.

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